We keep changing our flavours depending on the season and availability of ingredients, Chef’s favourites or simply our mood!

You can also Order @

+91 97111 36997

You can also Order @

+91 97111 36997

We believe in the real thing

Cold Love ice creams are made using everything real – milk, cream, sugar, real fruit and other pure ingredients. There are no chemicals, no added colour and no artificial flavours. So you can be sure that what you’re eating is absolutely natural.

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Making love with on the best

The ingredients we use are carefully sourced from reputable suppliers and companies, and come in high-grade packaging to ensure hygiene and quality. Before churning and freezing, the ice cream mix is cooked at high temperatures to further ensure it’s perfectly safe and bacteria-free.


Coming clean on safety

Following all safety protocols, particularly under the current pandemic scenario, our kitchen staff is checked daily for body temperature and Covid symptoms. Gloves, face masks, and hairnets are de-rigueur and regular cleaning of equipment and surfaces is carried out several times a day. 

The ice cream, hygienically packed in our kitchen, is not opened until you open it yourself.

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A little love goes a long way

When you order Cold Love you can be sure that what you get is fresh. Our ice cream is made in small batches every few days to ensure that nothing stays in our freezer too long. So while you can keep it safely in a good freezer for months, we’re quite sure you won’t be able to resist finishing it in a few days – or even hours!



When you place an order on our website or phone, the ice cream is securely transported and delivered to you in carry-bags by our own riders. They wear face masks and gloves and carry hand-sanitizer, thus limiting any contact with the ice cream tubs and ensuring maximum safety for you.

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Sometimes you just need a little extra love or something a little different and we are happy to oblige if we can. So if you have something specific in mind – like a customised flavour for a special order, or a gift of love with a personalised message, just give us a call and we will do what we can to make it an affair to remember.