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The Cold Love Story

It started as a private love affair in the kitchen. Aditya Tripathi, after more than 20 years in the corporate world and selling his tech startup, decided to “chill” a bit. In need of a distraction he turned to what every normal man would turn to in such times. Ice Cream. He poured his heart, soul and all the good things made by nature into tubs of delicious, smooth, rich ice cream

Cold Love Fresh Sitaphal Ice Cream

Head Over Heels

Getting better with every churn, he subjected friends to his new found love, taking samples of his latest fancy to dinner parties. (No one was complaining and in fact his social calendar began filling up!) As his cold relationship got deeper and more meaningful, he started taking risks – experimenting with flavours and ingredients. Flinging flakes of salt into the caramel, tempering sweet honey with a zing of ginger, getting wicked with the walnuts and rum… it was unrestrained passion.

It must be love

And then he woke up one day to the realisation that this was pure Cold Love. It was so seductively delicious he could no longer keep it a secret, he realised that he had to share it with the world.

Cold Love Bleddy Good Ice Cream
Cold Love Bleddy Good Ice Cream

Sinfully Good

Because it’s all fresh and natural (no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no added colours) and dangerously wholesome (making every calorie worth it) he knew it was the kind of love everyone needed. Try it once, and you’ll discover you just can’t get enough Cold Love. 

Sugar Cube
I loved the Oh Honey Honey. The Chocolate felt nice and grainy. It was a big favourite. The Sesame flavour is surreal. I can’t believe you said it was an acquired taste. It’s simply fantastic. 

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Cold Love Ice Creams are available on order and on Zomato. You’ll also come across Cold Love at various hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Plus, at parties at many of your friends’ homes. Yes, we do get around! 

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