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Our story is simple, and our journey has been rewarding. 

Cold Love is nothing but pure love (quite literally). We’re on a mission to share the pure and honest joy of all things Ice Cream! 

We are looking for franchise partners who share our passion for Ice Cream and would like to grow with us on this sweet journey!

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  • Outlets in high foot zones, malls, metro, airports
  • 6% Royalty
  • Capex INR 12,00,000*
  • INR 3,00,000 Franchise Fee*
  • ROI: 12-14 months*
  • Outlets in prime localities, malls & high streets
  • Capex INR 16,00,000*
  • 6% Royalty
  • INR 5,00,000 Franchise Fee*
  • ROI: 12-14 months*
*Kindly note: All costs are estimations. An open book costing will be done to derive the final BOQ and costs as per actual square footage, project requirements and site specifics

Franchise Support

  • Location mapping and negotiation
  • Standardised equipment setting up & vendor sourcing
  • Swiggy & Zomato signups + Commission rates
  • Social media ads & seasonal promotions
  • Local market mapping
  • Layout & design by empaneled Architects
  • Management & recruitment support
  • Hyperlocal marketing

Happy Customers

Consistently rated 4.2+ on both Zomato and Swiggy

β€œHad a really fun dessert date at cold Love Vasant Vihar, yesterday. Really really great. Good vibe, romantic cafe feel." 


β€œLovely cute place to sit and unwind, pretty cafe with beautiful menu and luscious ice creams. One of its kind."


β€œWe tried Chocolate Hazelnut and Strawberry ice creams in waffle cups. They were amazing in taste. Purity in every bite."


”I really love their ice creams. So creamy and delicious. Everything was good."


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Does Franchisor also provide any assurance on the number of orders or business which we will generate?

No. Cold Love will help you to identify a good location which will enable good sales, but we cannot provide any assurances.

Does Franchisor provide any manpower support?

No. Cold Love will provide job descriptions and connect you with manpower recruiters. You will also be given training and assesment manuals, but responsibility for hiring will be with the Franchisee.

No. of employees needed?

Cafe (5 employees) / Kiosk (3 employees). This is an estimate based on average revenues. The number of employees will increase if order volumes are higher.

How long is the training process?

Training for Franchise Owners: Will be conducted by the Cold Love Brand Management team. This training is designed to teach you everything you need to know about running a franchise store profitably. Training for Staff: Will be conducted by Cold Love operations staff and conducted at the Franchise Location. Cold Love will provide a New Store Opening Team that will come to your location and hand-hold the new staff till they are certified and ready to take on operations themselves. Typically the certification for the staff is 5-7 working days.
Where does the training take place?
Training for the outlet staff is carried out at the Franchise store itself. In some special cases, we may need the staff to visit and train at existing Cold Love stores. The training of the Franchise owners can either happen online or in person.
Who provides the Raw Material?
All ice cream stock is provided centrally from the Cold Love to ensure brand quality. Independent procurement of stock is not permitted unless by special exception in very rare cases.
Can I tie up with Local vendors?
All local sourcing will be done by Cold Love
Do I need to procure all kitchen equipment and other outlet project-related equipment from Franchisor only?
Kitchen equipment should be procured from partner vendors of Cold Love. Generally, these are better in terms of warranty, service and price.
Does the Equipment come with any warranty as well?
Yes, almost all equipment comes with a one-year warranty. Which can be extended as well.
Do I need to invest anything else apart from the amount mentioned above?
Yes, there are a few costs which are in addition to the above-mentioned investment like - Security deposit for the store, brokerage for finding the store, licensing activity, working capital requirement etc. Please note that all costs are estimates only and can vary, depending on various factors.
What if I need a site visit from your team at the time site work is on-going?
The Franchisor will provide remote support for the entire project setup and conduct some visits to the site during the midpoint of the project and the final project handover. However, any additional site visits beyond the initial two will require the Franchisee to cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as food, lodging and travel.
What all payment options can I offer?
We generally take payments via credit/debit card through an EDC machine, QR code scan and cash.
What marketing activities do I need to plan for pre-launch?
Specific marketing plans shall be shared with you before going live by the respective Marketing POC. Cold Love recommends a budget of INR 50,000 to be spent in the first three months of opening, which is to be paid during the start of the onboarding phase.
What marketing activities do I need to plan for the post-launch or ongoing period?
A meeting with a Marketing POC can be set up on request with 3-4 days prior notice for the same. Where the Cold Love marketing team will review the online delivery data, market scenarios, and regional level intelligence from the Franchise, etc.
What kind of Internet Speed do I need at my store?
We require 40 MBPS download speed and 15 MBPS upload speed with a Static IP / Public IP / Live IP. This is standard provision from most internet service providers, including Airtel, Jio, ACT, Excitel etc.
Can I open my outlet-specific page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google?
All online presence is managed by the central team of the Franchisor only. However, your store-specific Google, Zomato & Swiggy pages shall be made available by our IT/Marketing team but Social Media handles across India remain one only which is centrally managed by our marketing team.